Birthday Wish List

I can usually never think of anything when people ask me what I want for my birthday, but for some reason this year I have a plethora of wants. No mind that I am unemployed and withchild and Jay and I about to be broke for the next 20 years or so due to said child...I still want any and all of these things:

  • First and foremost, I would like a shiny new laptop that is mine, all mine. A third floor office is not going to be conducive to my jobhunting activities once baby is on the scene so this is my priority number one. Expensive? Yes. Do I want it anyway? Yes.
  • My heart also desires one of these snazzy little pocket video cameras from Creative Labs: It meets two very important requirements. A) It is purse perfect. B) It plugs directly into your computer to upload videos. I think it will come in very handy for clips of Baby Blueberry!
  • A bicycle. I would really like one and have been wanting one for a while. Obviously not a priority in comparison to my first two wishes, but still, it would be nice.
  • Gray towels for my bathroom. Our master bath towels are coming up on 3 years of heavy rotation and could use a facelift. I am thinking gray would be lovely. Even some like these from (gasp!) Walmart would be just dandy:
  • Some cute black Merrells for summertime. I am looking for comfy, easy to slip on shoes for a soon-to-be Mom on the go, like these perhaps:
  • New clothes. After all these months of pregnancy, I am looking forward to having a waist again at some point this summer. I know when I reach that point, I will be in need of some new duds. All hail the gift certificate!
  • Bare Minerals. I want to go and get pretty with some new makeup...and I need something low maintenance.
  • Super Paper Mario. Yes, I am that far behind the curve when it comes to gaming. But I still want it!

I know there is more but I will leave it here for now. Let's just hope Baby B decides to make an appearance sometime soon. That will be by far the best gift I get this year!

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