Adding to the list

  • A baby. Yes, I would like to go ahead and have this baby, that would be a great birthday present to me!

I am due tomorrow (and it is almost tomorrow as I post this) so I am really hoping Baby Blueberry is just waiting to make an on-time appearance. I kept telling him I wouldn't mind it if he decided to come early but he is already not listening to me...I think I am in trouble!

So everyone keep your fingers crossed that he will come soon. The good news is that if he doesn't come out on his own before next Tuesday, my doctor will be seeing to it that he makes his way into the world then. I am officially scheduled for an induction on 5/19, but hoping we don't get to that point!

We'll give an update whenever he decides he's ready to join the real world!

Until then I will just keep staying busy and eating lots of spicy food. ;)

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Ashely said...

Oh, yay! I can't wait for him to get here! :)

Lou said...

Heather - congratulations! Courtney shared the big news. Can't wait to see pictures of him. Hope you are getting some sleep....

Lou said...

oops - forgot to remind you that this is Katie (signed in under my husband's account)