Jay is in Love...

...with our new flat screen tv, that is! We splurged on a new 46-inch Samsung LCD HDTV last weekend at Best Buy. It was an open box display special on the exact model Jay has been drooling over every time we entered an electronics store for the last 2 years. So, seeing as how we weren't going to get a better deal on this thing, we decided to take it home with us.

Mounting it on the wall was another story. First of all, there wasn't a wall to hang it on in our living room, and it was a tad too large to fit in our alcove. So Jay embarked on a carpentry project with a few of his friends that involved creating a false wall in our alcove, where the tv could eventually hang. It took a week of planning and a full day of measurements and construction, but in the end he was successful, as the pictures show. And on a separate note, he finally used the saw I bought for him two Christmases ago that has since been sitting in its original box in our garage collecting dust. I was very pleased!

So if you need to find us at all for the next several months, I can almost guarantee that we will parked on the sofa in front of our shiny, monstrous flat screen wonder with our feet propped up, sipping on cold beverages!

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