I like your tires, they're real big!

So my birthday turned out to be pretty awesome this year. First of all, Luke was here to share it with me and he is pretty much the best birthday gift ever! I even got a card from him and it was so sweet it melted my heart. I got spoiled with lots of presents, including this sweet beach cruiser bike from Jay, which was waiting for me in the living room when I woke up Tuesday. I can't wait to test it out soon when I am able to exercise again! And my parents got me the Vado HD pocket video camera, so we are super psyched about that gift. I am still learning how to use it but will try and post a video of Luke very soon. Something tells me the grandparents are going to be requesting lots of photos and video clips now that I am fully equipped. :)

Jay and I even managed to get out for a birthday dinner by ourselves while Nana Claire watched Luke for us. We went to On the Border and I had my first post-baby margarita and it. was. awesome! Although I had a buzz after about 3 sips. It has been a long time since I had any tequila! I didn't really miss drinking that much, but it does feel great to be able to hang with the adult beverages again!

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Tonya & Michael said...

Sweet bike... can you do jumps and stuff?

BAHAHAHAHAA! I love it! So awesome, and glad to know that the wait for the tequila was worth it!