Merry January!

I know I am several weeks behind on this Christmas post, and it is barely still January, but humor me! We spent Christmas out in Nevada with my parents and sister and even got to spend some time with my Aunt Chris and Uncle Claude too, who are wintering in AZ. We covered more ground than you'd expect in 7 days with a 7 month old, squeezing in a trip to Laughlin, NV and also a night in Lake Havasu, AZ where we got to see the original London bridge...who knew?

Luke did great on the flights out and back. We really are lucky to have such a mellow kid. The only time he got fussy was on the landings when his little ears hurt. But as soon as we gave him a bottle he settled right down. And the time change didn't throw him off too much in NV either. He let us sleep until almost 7am most mornings and the best part was the morning after we arrived home, when he slept until 9:30am. Score!

His Nana & Grandpa did a good job of spoiling him for Christmas but we did manage to fit everything in our cases to carry home. Luke's favorite toys so far have been a jack-in-the-box and spinning top, both of which he finds mesmerizing.

It is hard to believe his first Christmas is over and we have started a whole new year. 2009 was packed full of amazing surprises for us. It started out a little rocky but quickly turned into the best year of our lives. I look forward to seeing what 2010 brings for us!

The London Bridge, all decked out with holiday wreaths:

Luke was very serious that day, taking in all the sights:
Posing by the fountains:
Hey does this thing work?
Luke had lots of fun playing with Grandpa Tim:
And he loved hanging out with Great Aunt Chris:
As you can see, Uncle Claude was really impressed with all of us:
Grandpa, how does my hat look?
Jay was formally initiated into the family this year with an Inch-style stocking:
Of course, Luke had to have one too:
Waking up Aunt Becky Christmas morning:
The tree with a crapload of presents underneath!
Luke got lots of nice gifts that morning:
But of course, playing with the paper is always more fun!
Modeling his new outfit from Aunt Courtney:

We have adopted the English tradition of Christmas crackers, they are so much fun, especially after a few mimosas!

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Heather said...

I love the "Serious baby is serious" picture! He is abso-toot-ly adorable!!!

We do crackers too at Jason's familys' Christmas. It's so fun and the kids go nuts over them :)