God Bless My iPod.

A Bikini Quest 2010 update...

So far, so good! I am down 1 pound as of yesterday, which isn't a whole lot, but at least it is something. I kind of blew it at lunch yesterday when I went for the grilled cheese sandwich and soup combo. But it was chilly, I was starving and that just sounded like the perfect little lunch. Until I watched them put about 4 slices of cheese on my sandwich. I knew I was in trouble, but I couldn't cancel the order at that point. I decided to go with it and get back on track today, which I am succeeding at so far.

I just got back from a lovely 3 mile run and I have to say, my running life has significantly improved since I recently splurged on my replacement iPod. Allow me to pay a brief tribute to my new running companion:

Oh iPod, how I love thee...you came back into my life and have already shaved almost a full minute off my mile pace. Where would I be without you? Probably still running now...

So that is where I am at. Overall, feeling positive about the choices I made this week and hoping this time next week I will be able to post that I am down another pound. Until then, the quest continues!

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Heather said...

Gah. What IS it with loading the cheese on like that when you order a grilled cheese sammy at a restaurant??? Drives me nuts. It's just way too much! Even taste-wise, I think it's too much goo for the bread.

When I make one at home, I use one and a half and I only use the extra half because one Kraft Single isn't big enough to cover the face of the bread. I tear bits off the extra piece just to cover the surface area.

My goo to bread ratio is perfect.

MrsBlueberry said...

In their defense, they were thin slices, but really, 4???

And it did have tomatoes in it so that counts for something good right?