First Ball Game

On Sunday we got to take Luke to his first baseball game! Our friends Derek and Kristy invited us to join them for a Durham Bulls game and since babies are free at the DBAP we decided to go for it. I will say the journey got off to a rough start because Luke screamed the entire way to the park, all the way down I40, the Durham Freeway and even through the parking deck. Jay and I began to think this was a bad idea, but no sooner than we crossed the street from the deck to the stadium, it was all smiles and love and rainbows again for Luke and he shocked us all by staying in a happy mood for the entire 9 innings.

My hopes were high that he would sleep all the way home since he had been so happy and active and awake for 3 hours at the game, but no dice. He decided to treat us to another cacophony of shrieks and wails all the way home. Joy. I even had to hop out at a stop light and jump in the back with him just to make it stop...for about 5 seconds.

Needless to say, once we got him home and fed him he passed out like a rock star and stayed asleep until 7am the next morning. Yay! Just long enough for me to forgive him. But at least if he was going to meltdown he did it for us and not our lovely friends with their lovely free front row seats. It was a great game apart from the Bull's loss. Thanks again Kristy and Derek!!

The seats really were awesome. We were seriously thisclose to the field! It was great--although it made the foul ball situation a little too exciting for us at times. But we managed to escape unscathed!

Nothing says male bonding like a day at the baseball park!

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