Two Thumbs Up

So Jillian Michaels has been kicking my ass with her 30 Day Shred dvd for about a month now and while I still have a love/hate relationship with her, I am starting to see some results. My cardio level is up considerably from Day 1, when 30 seconds of jumping jacks nearly had me passed out on the floor, and I have even lost a couple of pounds. Yay!

And it must really be working because the other day when I was out walking Luke, a delivery truck driver honked at me. Yes, at me! haha I thought for a while there that I had lost my touch, but it looks like Mama's still got it. That and a sweet farmer's tan from all those lunchtime walks we've been taking. Go on, you know you're jealous!

So thanks Jillian, even though I'd rather post this picture of you on my dartboard, I give your workout two thumbs up!

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KA said...

Yay! Glad 30 Day Shred is working for you! :)

Kalli said...

I totally understand your love hate relationship with her. I have never made it more that 2 weeks. I would rather run! Hopefully you can stick with it! Good Luck!