Poop on you!

Well, poop on me that is, and Jay...lots of it! It seems like Luke's new favorite trick is to poop on us. It started this weekend when Jay was changing one of Luke's diapers on the pack and play downstairs. He had quite audibly filled his diaper during a nap and when he woke up Jay grabbed him for a quick change. Unfortunately he wasn't finished because when Jay had his little legs lifted up to slide the fresh diaper in, Luke projectile pooped all over the front of Jay's t-shirt! (Thank goodness for lazy Sundays b/c we were still in our pjs) Two months of diaper changes and we've never seen anything like this. Apparently it just shot straight out, none of it even managed to hit the floor. At least he was considerate enough to get it all in one spot. I missed this as I was in the downstairs bathroom where I could hear Jay exclaiming "Dude, are you serious?"

The pooping continued on Tuesday night when Luke ripped one while sitting in my lap and it leaked out all over me in front of my lovely book club friends in the middle of Starbucks. Yeah, it was awesome. I think I really frightened some of the girls there who don't have kids yet. Luckily I had a wardrobe change for him in my diaper bag, but not one for me. So I cleaned myself up with a wet wipe and got back down to the book discussion. Hey--I don't get out much these days and I sure as hell wasn't letting my coffee go to waste!

I thought it was just peeing you had to worry about with little boys. Man, was I wrong! For all my friends withchild...be warned, this could soon be you!

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A, J & E said...

Welcome to the club! Elizabeth pooped on me at John's Masters graduation ceremony. Same as you, had clothes for her but none for me. I think it has to happen to every mom at least once.

Tonya & Michael said...

And yet another lovely surprise that nobody warns you about!!! HAHAHAHA! This is awesome - and I don't blame you, I would have continued to rock book club with poop all over me too!

KA said...

You've been initiated! Nolan projectile pooped on me and all over the living room rug a 1/2 an hour before his two month pedi appointment. :) Somehow I managed to steam clean the rug, change the both of us and still be on time for the appointment. Good for you for going back to the book discussion!