Beach Baby

Luke was invited down to Pawley's Island, SC for 4th of July weekend to stay with Courtney, Greg, Avery and Courtney's parents at their cabin rental, and since Jay and I are his chaperones we were lucky enough to get to tag along! It was great spending time with Greg, Court and Avery and we are so thankful to Berry and Susan for having us. We had a blast! Courtney's great Aunt Pat and great Uncle Don were also at the cabin and Jay and I thought they were truly "great" to hang out with!

Many rounds of cornhole were played, much seafood was consumed and we drank lots of Mich Ultra Cactus Lime beer, which is my new favorite thing for summer!

As you can see from the above picture, Luke found the beach very relaxing. Here are some other pics to sum up the trip:

Lunch date with Greg, Court and Avery at Big Tuna, on the Georgetown waterfront:

Fred the alligator, who lives near the Big Tuna:

Avery trying to get ahold of Court's frosty margarita:

After lunch we took Luke for his first day at the beach:

We tested out his sunglasses but decided he is still slightly too wee for them. We call this his Stevie Wonder look:

Luke also found the hammock very relaxing:

I think Avery tipped him off on it:

Aunt Pat (aka "The Original Baby Whisperer") holding Luke and Susan (aka "Meme") holding Avery:

Sunset in Georgetown on our last night at the beach:

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