A new list. Let's call this one things that irritate me.

  • Burnt popcorn smell.
  • People that get up to go to the bathroom on the airplane after they just made an announcement that you should stay in your seat. And also people that get up to get in line for the airplane bathroom when there are already like 10 people blocking the aisle. The bathroom isn't going anywhere people, can you wait 5 minutes?
  • People who cut in front of you either while walking or driving, only to go slow. If you are not in a hurry, then why did you have to cut in front of me?
  • People who don't pick up after their dog in public.
  • Waking up like 30 minutes before your alarm. I can never fall back asleep and enjoy those last few minutes.
  • Inflatable yard decorations.

I think that's it for today...

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Heather said...

THIS is a fantastic list!

I agree on all accounts.