My super lame Christmas wish list (aka what old women want)

My husband requested a holiday wish list from me the other day and it got me to thinking, as I could offer nothing I truly wanted or needed off the top of my head (apart from a shiny new ipod to replace the one that went missing this summer). A few items began to occur to me this week and let's just say I feel super lame about even putting most of them out here:

  • New kitchen scissors. Yes, I said it.
  • Dish towels for the kitchen that are pretty, neutral and not stained.
  • Hand towels for the guest baths that are also pretty, neutral and not stained.
  • I still want fluffy gray bath towel sets for the master bath (see birthday wish list).
  • A kickass food processor, perhaps one that doesn't make it sound like a 747 is attempting to take flight from inside my kitchen, like my current one does.
  • Aforementioned iPod. Preferably the touch, 16 or 32GB.
  • A nice reusable water bottle with a spout, bpa free that doesn't drip or leak all over me, something like this:

There are actually a couple of fun items like Wii games on my amazon list which I am too lazy to list here. But as you can see, I have the list of a Mom. Not someone else's Mom either, this is all me...when did I get this old?

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Ashely said...

Um, I don't think there's anything wrong with any of those requests myself.

Cyndi said...

I have a Camelback bottle (that my daughter bought for me!) and it's really great! Doesn't leak a bit, and easy to carry. And I agree that your list isn't old-lady, it's what a grown-up person wants/needs. There IS a difference!

JayMcVee said...

I like your request for hand/dish towels. My mother must be particularly grossed out by the ones I have b/c she is always bringing me new ones, once every few months. So I guess my point is I don't have to ask for them -