Lots of Firsts

It has been a big couple of weeks around our house. Nana Judy has been visiting and got to witness many firsts with Luke while she was here.

He had his first rice cereal about 2 weeks ago. So far he is a pretty good eater!

Jay and I also had our first trip away together since Luke was born. Nana watched him for us while we snuck away to Charleston for our 3rd anniversary. We missed him like crazy but he and Nana had so much fun while we were gone!

Luke also had his first giggle sometime last week. It has happened since but I haven't been able to capture it on film just yet. I will be sure to post a video clip when I do! There is just nothing better than a baby giggle.

One more first is coming up next week that I am not looking forward to. First day at daycare! I have accepted a full-time position that starts Monday and I will be in Arizona for the week for training. Wish me luck, it won't be easy to leave my sweet little boy, but I know his Daddy will take good care of him while I am gone!

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KA said...

Luke seems to dig rice cereal. :) Congratulations on the new job!