I'm Back!

I ran my first 5K of 2009 on Sunday afternoon, the Monster Dash, which took place in Cameron Village. It was chilly and overcast which made it a great afternoon for a run. Kathleen, Bill and Nolan also came out to the event. Kathleen ran in the 1 mile fun run, pushing Nolan in the jogger like a champion, and Bill ran the 5K and won 1st place in his age group--go Bill! I was just happy to complete the 5K standing and came in at a respectable 32 minutes, considerably faster than the 12 minute training miles I have been running lately.

Of course, it helped to know the cutest cheerer on the block was waiting for me. Jay is training Luke well in the art of cheering. I just love turning the last corner to find them yelling my name and encouraging me (well, Luke isn't exactly yelling yet but you get my point)! But they weren't the only cheerers on deck Sunday. Amy came out to support us all, and my friend and former coworker Ashely stood out in the cold as well, since her place was right around the corner from the race start. Thanks to all of my cheerers, I couldn't have done it without you!

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Heather said...

Wow! I'm impressed! The last time I ran anywhere was when I thought the ice cream truck wasn't going to stop ;-)

Ashely said...

I was so excited to get to cheer for you! We'll have to get to running LJ again soon!

KA said...

You did great on Saturday! Welcome back!