The Baby Invasion

Bouncy seats, swings and changing pads, oh my! With still a little over a month to go, baby gear is slowly taking over our house. Baby Blueberry's stroller arrived last week and ever the proud Papa, Jay put it together right away. It has now taken up residence in the living room, since it is so shiny and new and pretty that I can't bear to store it in our dingy garage.

I also received my fun new diaper bag this week and have already tested out the stroller attachments. It's pretty sweet. I have to say you know you're about to be someone's mom when you get excited about a cute diaper bag that attaches to your even cuter stroller.

Now, just wait until you see the pack and play! I will save that for another post since I am sure you can hardly contain your excitement...
Mama Blueberry

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Tonya & Michael said...

Sista Heather - we need to have a baby mixer at your house. I need for all you new mommies to school me on all these contraptions! I went to Babies R Us over the weekend and got so overstimulated I had to leave and buy myself an outfit to make me feel better!!!

Your stroller looks super cool and that is an awesome diaper bag! You are gonna be such a rockstar momma!