Halfway to Goal!

This week's Bikini Quest Update:

Okay, so I am a little more than halfway to goal actually. 14.6 pounds down, with 11.8 left to lose. I've lost a whole stone now! I am kind of shocked. When I first started on this weight loss mission, it seemed near impossible. I thought I would have to spend the rest of my life holding onto this extra pregnancy weight. However it seems to be coming off slowly but surely, and the more I lose, the more confident I am in myself that I can really do this.

The best part is that now that my body has adjusted to the portion control I really don't feel deprived. I still get to have my glass of wine with dinner and that is good because the way work has been going lately, I have needed it! Honestly, I feel great. I was really missing feeling good about myself and I feel like I have that back now. It's pretty awesome.

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Ashely said...

Yay Heather! Good job girl!

Heather said...

Good job! You're sort of inspiring me to drop my beer/chocolate/frite weight!

Alethea said...

Great job! Keep it up & you'll be rockin' that bikini in no time!

JayMcVee said...

Congrats, girl!!! Feeling good about yourself makes it all worth it. Wish I could manage to eat healthy - can't seem to get it done