Baby Boot Camp

In February Jay and I took a trip down to Atlanta to visit Courtney & Greg and their new little girl Avery. It was so much fun spending time with Avery at 1 month old, and learning what life with a newborn is really like. Courtney called it my "Baby Boot Camp."
The girls managed to get out for lunch one day followed by a stroll in the park with Avery. While we were out we noticed this sign at the local carwash. If you know any bald men in Canton, GA they can get a good deal on a carwash right now!

I got to help out with bathtime while I was there, and by help I really mean take lots of naked baby photos to embarrass Avery with when she gets older! And I held her each morning while Courtney got showered and dressed, so I feel well practiced at holding a newborn.

On Saturday afternoon we all ventured out to go bowling but that trip soon got cut short when we got to the lanes and were told there was a half hour wait due to a tournament and birthday party. (Who knew bowling alleys were so busy on Saturday afternoons?) So we quickly changed plans and took Avery on her first beer run at Publix and then headed back home to watch the Carolina game instead. Unfortunately Avery's UNC basketball streak ended against Maryland that day. :(

Despite the UNC loss it was a great visit and we feel so happy that we got to spend some time with the new Bayer family! I am so impressed with Courtney's mothering skills at just 1 month post partum. She already can tell Avery's hungry cry from other types of cries, is a breastfeeding powerhouse, and is so patient with Avery while trying to establish a routine for her. She is turning out to be a wonderful Mommy as I knew she would! And I am so glad I have her to look to for advice when my turn comes, which is not too far off now!
Here are some more pictures from the trip:

Roux and Maggey became good buddies during the visit. Neither Roux nor Daisy seemed too interested in Avery, which is a promising sign for us. Apart from the occasional sniff of the baby's head or foot, they were more interested in Chase and Maggey, and their toys!

Tummy time:

Chillin' in the swing:

Meeting Uncle Jay:

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Courtney said...

Heather! What cute pictures and thoughtful words! We really enjoyed your visit and can't wait to see you, baby bump, Jay, Roux and Daisy again next weekend!

Tonya & Michael said...

Heather - you and Jay are gonna be such awesome parents! You both look so natural holding little Avery!