Viva Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving, Jay and I flew out to fabulous Las Vegas to visit my parents...well, Boulder City to be exact. Check out the view from their backyard, how cool is this?!

My Mom even has two orange trees growing in her yard that had lots of yummy ripe oranges on them. Lucky!

Throughout my parents' neighborhood there are tons of these "watch for sheep" signs. A herd of big horned sheep live up on the mountain behind the neighborhood and every afternoon they make their way down to the playground to munch on some grass and drink some water. Naturally, we had to swing by and check them out.

They'll let you get pretty close if you look nice!

The night before Thanksgiving we all went to a show, "V", at the Planet Hollywood casino on the strip. It was an awesome variety show with all kinds of crazy acts, including this guy: Fast Wally.
We had all kinds of wholesome food like wings, onion rings, burgers and fries at a restaurant the Magnificent Mile shops before the show. Jay enjoyed his one pound double cheeseburger.

Thanksgiving morning, we all got up early and headed down the street to the Hacienda casino so I could run the Boulder City Turkey Trot 11K race. Mom and Jay walked me down to the start line and hung out with me until the race started.

The runners are off!
I think I can, I think I can!

And Jay came back to watch me finish. Here I come around the last bend.

I finished in about 1 hour and 19 minutes, not too bad. And you can start to see the makings of a baby bump in this picture, along with my sweet finisher's medal.
After the race, Jay and I walked back up to the casino to meet Mom & Dad who you can see hitting the penny slots in this photo. We all had a yummy breakfast buffet and then went home to put the turkey in the oven. Dinner was so delicious! I only wish I could have smuggled some of Mom's stuffing home with me. Since we were limited to carry on luggage for this trip, the packing got interesting, but we made it home with all of our stuff, even after hitting the Black Friday sales on the way to the airport. When it comes to shopping and packing I guess we are pros!

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Patti Ann said...

congrats on your 11K! that's awesome. i'm trying to work up from 5ks lol