Hangin' in Hotlanta

On Monday I had a client meeting down in the ATL so I flew in Sunday morning to spend the day with Courtney. She's now almost 4 months along, so I was excited to see the start of her baby bump!

I landed in Atlanta around noon and went to pick up my rental car and head into the city to meet Court for a late brunch at Horseradish Grill. Upon arriving I handed off my keys to the valet who promptly called me back to my vehicle and told me it wouldn't start. He was having problems getting the key to turn in the ignition, so I tried it and also had no luck. Then Courtney pulled up behind my rental and she gave it a go and couldn't start it either. Since there was no manual in the car, I decided to call the rental car roadside assistance for help. The rep who answered the call proceeded to talk both me and the valet through turning the key but neither of us could get it to budge. After a bit of heated discussion with the call center rep, the rental agency called to let me know they'd be sending me a replacement vehicle.

So my advice to you is not to rent a Chevy HHR. Ever. The best part of the story is that after waiting at the restaurant for 2.5 hours, the replacement vehicle finally showed up and we realized they had sent me the exact same car, down to the hideous champagne gold paint! We just had to laugh at that point!

We hopped in my sweet ride and headed to Atlantic Station for a little shopping at H&M and AT Loft and then decided to head back to Courtney's house for dinner. Greg made us some awesome jerk chicken on the grill. Being that it was a school night we didn't stay up too late, but it was a nice visit and great to be able to mix a little fun with business.

I had a little more fun with my rental car on Monday morning on my way to the meeting. The car in front of me on the highway hit a large bird that went flying over his car and bounced off the hood of mine. Fortunately it caused no damage, but after all the rental car drama I am just happy I made it home in one piece last night!

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