City of Oaks Marathon

So after Chicago not going as well as planned, I decided to upgrade from the City of Oaks half marathon in Raleigh to the full marathon to see how I could do if I actually got to run the whole thing! This time the race day temperature was perfect, cold to start but then warming up to a fair 60 degrees or so. However, the Raleigh course was a lot tougher than Chicago! I think I prefer hot and flat to cold and hilly any day! Nonetheless, I finished the race in just over 5 hours vs. the 5 hours and 38 minute finish in Chicago so I feel pretty good about that.

And the great thing about this race was that Jay and several of our friends got to be there to cheer me on and see me finish! That was really nice. Our friends Kathleen, Allyson and Amanda completed the half marathon and Kathleen's hubby Bill completed the full (a full hour faster than me, I may add!). Jay, Allyson's husband John, daughter Elizabeth, and Amanda's husband Chris were our official entourage. It was a fun day!
Amanda, Bill, Allyson, Heather & Kathleen before the race:

Bill, Kathleen, Amanda, Allyson & Heather after the race:

Allyson & Elizabeth

Kathleen & Bill (aka. speed racer)

Amanda & Chris

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