Heather's Trip to Jacksonville

July 6-8 I finally made it down to Florida to visit Matt & Caroline in Jacksonville before their big move to California! We had a blast...ate lots of seafood, went to the beach with Krista and Andrew, bowling on base, got to see Matt's ship, and did some shopping too. Somehow I managed to get my suitcase closed again and Matt took me back to the airport at 5:30am so I could catch my flight back to Raleigh and head into work. That was a long day! But it was a great trip. The only downside was that Jay had to stay home to help save money so he didn't get to join in the fun.

But he was busy while I was away! He painted the living room as a surprise to me, in the color I had picked out ages ago. What a sweetie! It looks awesome, check it out! We are doing the kitchen this weekend so I get to be his painting assistant. I can't wait! We will be sure to post pics of the before and after.

And here are some more photos from Jacksonville:

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