Bikini Quest 2010 Update

This week I am down again, probably mostly in part to the terrible stomach bug Jay gave me for Valentine's Day, but hey, I'll take it. Although I don't recommend that diet plan to anyone and would much rather have enjoyed the steak and lobster dinner I planned, than go to bed at 7:30pm that night feeling worse than I can ever remember feeling without being under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately, I have finally fully recovered and managed to squeak out a 4.5 mile training run yesterday with no issues, so hopefully I am back on track for this week.

My weigh in today brings me down a total of 10.2 pounds, which I am thrilled with and amazed by! I just hope I can keep up this momentum for the remaining pounds I have left to lose. It feels great to finally be at a point where people can see the change in me and it is keeping motivated to finish the quest! See you next week!

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